Meet Lisa

candidate for Portage City Council

The Seeds of Dependable Leadership

Lisa Brayton has been part of the Portage community for more than 25 years. She will levy her experience and expertise in multiple areas to bring common-sense guidance as a Portage City Councilwoman.

Small Business Owner.

Lisa co-owns a dentistry practice with her husband, Daniel Brayton, DDS. She not only serves patients as a registered dental hygienist (RDH), but has managed the finances of their business through its 25+ years of existence. 

Her career path involved extensive education at University of Detroit Mercy for her undergrad degree, followed by extensive training at the University of Detroit Dental School. She focused on her work and graduated with a 4.0 GPA from each institution.

Lisa knows firsthand how important knowledge, sound financial decision making, and quality service are to running a practice, and she will bring those same values to serving the people of Portage.

Charity Organizer.

In addition to establishing a dental practice, Lisa is also founder of Haley’s Hope, a local charitable drive. 

For 16 years, Haley’s Hope directly fed and sheltered individuals in need. It also brought students from Kalamazoo Country Day and Portage Public Schools into service roles, creating bags of non-perishable foods and hygiene products that would then be donated throughout the region. 

Additionally, Lisa has headed efforts to place “angel trees” around the holidays, filled with gift wishes from children in need that are fulfilled by the community. She has also worked closely with school PTO boards and assisted in writing grants for student and community betterment.

Individually, Lisa has provided free, long-term dental care to a patient with specialized needs, for whom finding a different source of dental care would be detrimental. 

Lisa has committed her life to looking out for the best for others, and community opportunities and health are administrative goals she holds in high regard. One of her missions as a Portage City Councilwoman will be to promote initiatives that encourage community involvement in helping neighbors, as well as creating more opportunities for health and recreation.


Family is essential, and Lisa has always balanced her work and community efforts with her role as a mother. Originally from Lake Isabella, Michigan, she moved to her husband’s hometown of Portage to establish their dental practice here.

Lisa and Daniel have two sons: Hayden and Baley, both now in their 20s. Home life has been a very busy yet very fulfilling part of Lisa’s life. Her oldest child went to work with her 3 weeks following his arrival via c-section. She stayed home until preschool, worked while the boys were at school, then was there every day to pick them up, help with homework, and see them through other activities.

Lisa diligently provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 25 years – including her own canned fruits and vegetables and homemade noodles. She stocks 3 homes and her business with supplies and, when not taking care of payroll and patients full-time, makes dinner for the family on her lunch hour.

Lisa has enjoyed working out with her sons as they grew up, including taking Tae Kwon Do classes. Other activities the family enjoys include hunting and snowmobiling. Individually, she is committed to fitness and health, having been a triathlete participant and marathon runner as well.

Portage is the foundation of so many things Lisa has poured her heart into. That is why she wishes to help usher the best for the city as a member of its council. A lifelong commitment to her family and practice have given her the work ethic and discipline to prioritize the needs of Portage and its people. She will pursue those goals to their highest degree – and with no excuses!

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