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Meet Lisa

Lisa Brayton has been an active member of the Portage community for more than 25 years. She aims to leverage her business and charitable acumen, common sense, and love for the city to powerful effect as a member of the Portage City Council.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Lisa has given 110% toward successfully supporting her family, her business, and vulnerable members of the community. She knows that diligence without excuses is the best way to get any work done well.

Read more about Lisa’s history, her business and community efforts, and the lessons she’ll bring to being a Portage City Councilwoman.

“With my experience and determination, I am hoping to make a huge difference for our wonderful people in our community.”

- Lisa Brayton

  • Small business owner for more than 25 years
  • Wife and mother with two adult sons
  • Founder of Haley’s Hope, a local charitable organization that provided food and shelter to those in need
  • Always looking out for the needs of her community
  • Gives 110% in everything she does

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Vision, issues, & Values

SERVICE is the driving passion behind Lisa Brayton’s campaign for Portage City Council.

True service does not ignore the voices of those being served, nor does it blindly follow any one partisan path. It’s all about paying attention to the greatest needs of the community, rolling up your sleeves, and getting the job done for the right reasons.

Lisa places her reputation on everything she sets out to do. If she puts her name toward anything, she is determined to give it her all and see it through.

Here are a few of the values and ambitions Lisa holds in high regard:

  • Community Wellness. As a medical worker, Lisa has vested interest in promoting a healthier community—not through force or compulsion, but through sound local preparations and by promoting individual opportunities, such as mentorships and the opening of more bike paths within the area.
  • Common Sense. It is impossible to give everyone what they want—but no one group expresses the best option every time, either. Lisa takes a non-partisan approach to hearing the voices of the community, and always aims for the greater good.
  • Responsible Funding. Running a business for 25 years has given Lisa great experience in balancing financial needs with serving others. Lisa will bring her management experience to work for Portage.

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